Workplace Wellness

Help create a culture of wellness in your workplace by bringing a Health Coach to speak to your employees or co-workers!

Group Wellness

Live Well | Bien Vivre offers 3 different group coaching workshops, they are all 1-hour presentations and can be tailored to most any size group. Like all of our services, these are free of charge. 


SMART Goals — Create a customized plan to reach your wellness goals
Ignite your Motivation — Evaluate your skills, supports & create a plan to keep motivated
Stress Less — Identify, evaluate & plan to reduce your stress in a sustainable manner

1:1 Health Coaching

Create a private space for employees to meet with a Health Coach. Each session lasts approximately 1-hour and covers a range of information;


  • Your Coach will create a personalized approach for you

  • A Coach will meet with you to identify and achieve your health and wellness goals

  • A Coach will connect you with community resources

  • We are proud to say Live Well! Bien Vivre! clients enjoy an 83% success rate in achieving and maintaining their goals

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